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By Jeanmarie Tenuto © Copyright 2007

Can a corporation remain competitive, increase its profit margin, still manage to constructively expend natural resources, and benefit all direct and indirect shareholders? Yes! Through the utilization and implementation of the techniques delineated in Corporate Sustainability: A New Business Model for the 21st Century. This practical guide’s methodology, adaptable for both small businesses and large corporations offers a step-by-step program to achieve corporate sustainability without compromising or sacrificing either the “bottom line,” a healthy environment or social attitude. In fact, contrary to popular conceptions, profitability can be achieved through a corporation’s approach to development, environmental protection and social well being.

Corporate Sustainability: A New Business Model for the 21st Century is a strategic blueprint concurrently outlining the evaluation and implementation of economic techniques encompassing the environment (sourcing, production, consumption and disposal), the individual, community and society. Corporate Sustainability focuses on the entire product lifecycle: sourcing production materials; manufacturing; marketing; packaging and disposal.

Corporate Sustainability: A New Business Model for the 21st Century is a manual that unveils corporate strategies to gain the competitive edge, create leaders, uncover the hidden markets who wish to buy from “good” companies and being prepared for new government regulations impacting on business.  This book is not a “tout” to teach companies how to meet low-end threshold EPA regulations. It is the new future of how to be a leader in this revolution.  Each day we face evidence of new environmental threats, more stringent regulatory requirements, a depletion of our natural resources, human exploitation and sinking ethical standards. There no longer must be a dichotomy between business and the environment. Rather, it is now a fusion that can be viewed as either dilemma or opportunity.

Corporate Sustainability: A New Business Model for the 21st Century directs business owners and managers to incorporate this revolutionary business strategy into its economics, operations, human resources, marketing and accounting arenas. It is a strategy based on rational thinking toward complex system conditions. Corporate Sustainability will guide the business owner towards this new paradigm. It will assist in the analysis of extremely complex decisions and prove that attaining these goals is not insurmountable.

Jeanmarie Tenuto is the CEO of Centaur Strategies, llc, a marketing/business strategy firm based in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. She holds an MBA in Marketing. Tenuto and her team consult for and with small business owners and Fortune 500 companies to develop corporate business strategies and implement sustainability initiatives. This guidebook is the result of their efforts.

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