About the Artist  

Jeanmarie Tenuto is a multi-media producer.

In addition to her still photography interests, she has a deep appreciation for people, cultures and economy. Ten years ago when globalization became business norm, Tenuto set out to uncover not just the techniques, but the people who forever changed the lives and the economic paths of their countries. She trademarked and launched The Going Global Series, a video series where each video concentrates on a specific country and its developments. The first set in this on-going series is entitled Ireland and the Boom

By Jeanmarie Tenuto © 2007

As a result of economic globalization, Ireland has risen from the ignominy of the poorest economy in Europe to one of the richest in the European Union.  Ireland has experienced an unprecedented per capita economic growth unlike that of any other country, and it continues to grow exponentially.  However, prior to the boom and for centuries before, poverty and despair were the way of life for the Irish. Ireland’s impoverishment was so deeply entrenched; it was considered the welfare country of the European Union.

The Irish are well known for possessing facile, agile minds that spawn imaginative and creative new ideas. The formula for Ireland’s continued, successful growth is a combination of well-established links between labor, enterprise, education and research facilities and the encouragement of a pro-business democratic government. This Going Global Series video and manual examines the history that brought Ireland to the economic forefront and how that nation will continue to sustain its competitive edge in that global, ever-changing strategic environment.  Ireland is representative of what an amazing turn-around management plan can accomplish when diplomatic concerns for the common good remain true.

Jeanmarie Tenuto is the multi-media producer of the Going Global Series of Centaur Strategies, llc based in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. She holds an MBA in Marketing. As it became more apparent that globalization was the new way of life, Tenuto set out to uncover not just the techniques, but the people who forever changed the lives and the economic paths of their countries.  This video contains exclusive interviews with key representatives of Irish business, government, academia and the media.

A key attraction of this series is the strong, international business school market. The combination of video and manual provides a comprehensive guide to the key elements that led Ireland into its turnaround and its Number One ranking in the Quality of Life Index as formulated by the Economist Intelligence Unity (compared with 111 other countries.) The Going Global Series can play a strong role in explaining the economic effects on the citizens and conversely, how the people themselves have been affected by the economic phenomena within their country. Ireland and the Boom is the first in the series which will continue to explore the effects and results of globalization.

Video: 20 Minutes
Manual: 100 Pages
Video and manual available for review upon request
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