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Emerging Paradigms: Building 21st Century Pyramids

As a photographer and businessperson, I have witnessed and been a part of the forces that are changing our future. As we move in this fast forward motion, it is very important that we also take responsibility to the impact we make as we reap these rewards. Under the guise of Centaur Strategies, llc, I have spent the last few years concentrating on a number of projects that bring this message to the forefront.

These projects are not intended to create a storm of controversy surrounding the theme of anti corporation or anti big business. Rather, the mission is to assist in bringing the subject into the spotlight for all of us to witness and begin to change.

When it all started and the Mayflower landed, the New World appeared to be nothing less than infinite. The use of the land and its raw materials existed for their betterment. Far from their thinking was nature as a spiritual resource. For the people that were already here, (the American Indian), the idea of using nature’s life force for anything less than spiritual regeneration was irreverent.

Since that time, the United States has been blessed with visionaries who have been able to foresee wilderness conservation and document inspiring wisdom. Among them, Henry David Thoreau stands among the finest. His writings from Walden and other pieces jolt us into understanding that it is not that nature is here for our use but it is our responsibility to be a part of nature. In her 1962 courageous writing of Silent Spring, Rachel Carson may have saved millions of lives by discussing the ramifications of chemical use on our farmed food. In much the same way, I too wish to illuminate the possible consequences in this mega speed of global progress and consumption that I refer to as the Great Economic Turn©.

This is unlike any other time in history. We are living in a transformational age. It is important that we step back and review the by-products of these technological, economic and geographic forces. It is also very important that we pay close attention to how we react.

This is where the aesthetics of fine art photography meets the need for environmental awareness. It is through this exploration of the power and drama of landscape photography to focus attention to the pressing matters of our day. It is also meant to inspire you with your everyday actions that serve as a legacy for the next generation. These are meant to compel additional emerging paradigms of our day.

Emerging Paradigms: Building 21st Century Pyramids
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