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The study of still life photography is an abstract process. It is almost unnatural to pull a partial millisecond into a vacuum of time but yet it is a gift to all of us. Photography is timeless. It is symbolic and more powerful than any other art form that exists. "Photography is the only language understood in all parts of the world bringing all nations and cultures together. It links the family of man. Independent of political influence - where people are free - it reflects truthfully life and events, allows us to share in the hopes and despair of others, and illuminates political and social conditions. We become the eye-witnesses of the humanity and inhumanity of mankind..." Helmut Gernsheim (Creative Photography [1962])

It is through photography that a realization, or the truth and consequences, change the perceptions of who we are. It makes us ‘see’ things outside of ourselves and perhaps for the first time. Photographs have stirred uprisings and it has brought peace. Images have drawn us together as humans and they have made us cry tears of joy. Tenuto’s style exhibits a reverence for the natural setting drawing upon inspirational intentions.

In the frame, matted and behind glass, the colors and hues are royal and rich. The monitors of these computers are deceptive. It does not exhibit the fullness of the image. It does not prepare you for how good and how close the image is to the reality of the world around us. Once the image is seen in full life form, it leaves you defenseless.

You don’t stand apart from the image but rather you become one with it. Surrounding you in its beauty. It leaves you breathless in all of nature’s grandeur and majesty. Its only flaw is you do end up being separated in two parts: There is you and then there is the image. So the oneness doesn’t last forever. The veil that separates all of us from our true nature is placed in its position and we, once again, return to our reality.

However, it is this inner wisdom that is resonated by each image that reflects the natural path of our interconnected wonderment. This speaks of the corridor that lies within each of us and is tied into the rhythmic motions of nature. The beauty and mystery captured in these everlasting moments is a reminder to you to continue your growth and appreciation in what is certainly priceless if not possibly growing extinct. By engaging in these processes, smile in knowing that you are sharing in the company of others who enjoy the delights of being in accord with all those who have come before and all those who will come after.

Very clear and distinct choices have been made with this presentation of work as well as firm decisions to bring beauty rather than destruction to your eyes. It is because as a photographer my responsibility is to enlighten your world through the power of images. ‘The eyes are the windows to the soul.’ This also has an inverse effect as being the images taken in are indelibly etched upon the soul. And if this were to be true, then what we see, or what I bring into your vision is, by choice, subjects that reflect the cusp of a prospective cultural revolution that will bring together the body, the mind and nature as one whole element rather than three separate and superficial parts.

Furthermore, as our lives have a tendency to get more complicated, these images become increasingly more important. These images relate directly to the human soul where time and space become irrelevant and this photographic presentation connects us to the world, to its peace and its joys.

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