About the Artist  

About the Artist
Jeanmarie Tenuto

It's about the passion. It's all about the passion that drives the desire to climb sides of mountains, creep along cliff sides, chase light through the woods, run through unknown cities at 4:00am to beat sunrise, hike wilderness trails and swim in the deep. This body of work is a representation of that passion drawing upon the clarity and wisdom of both science and mystic.

For over 20 years, Tenuto has mastered the dance of light and darkness. Her unique eye allows the complex to appear simple. Her color photos, raw yet rich in texture give the illusion of oil on canvas. Her black/white work offers an intense contrast between light and shadow, creating a depth so true and real as to fool the senses. Generating a vibrant luminescence, her compositions highlight the essence of life that surrounds us all. The art incorporates the priorities of nature: Texture, Form, Color and Pattern.

As a photographer, she exhibits an innate strength towards the natural existence of all things. She also has an extensive business background and a deep understanding that a positive economy is imperative for humanity in today’s world. However, the structure and future trajectory of the global economy appear to be resulting in what is known as the law of diminishing returns. A new way of approaching business is essential; a new attitude towards environment and community must be part of the everyday language and thought. These aspects must be instilled into those that are on the receiving end of this Great Economic Turn©, particularly in the developing world. It is through the activities, projects and assignments that Tenuto endeavors to assist in changing the world’s perspective and appreciations.

Jeanmarie Tenuto studied photography at Endicott College, Beverly, MA. She received her undergraduate degree in Advertising from the University of Bridgeport, CT and an MBA in Marketing at Montclair State University, NJ. Jeanmarie studied under the late Professor of Advertising, Richard Tino and under such notable photographers as Josephine Sacabo at The Center for Photography, Woodstock, NY and apprenticed with the late Randy Masser. For many years, she has worked alongside commercial designer and artist, Mr. Sandy Okin, Owner, Okin Design.

In 1997, she opened Centaur Strategies, llc. Centaur Strategies’ combines the business acumen of seasoned executives, the focus of marketing development experts, the creativity of innovation and branding specialists and the experienced know how of financial officers to get the client’s company on the path to sustainable and profitable growth. Centaur Strategies, llc, has worked on many projects and e-media initiatives including: SMART SELLING, Moving your business through a down shifting market; CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY: A new business model for the 21st Century, THE GOING GLOBAL SERIES™, a video educational series on globalization.

In her private life, Tenuto is a fine art photographer. Her passion is to bring the unseen or overlooked to life through photography. Tenuto’s fine art is exhibited in galleries and sold to corporate and private collectors throughout the United States. To name a few, her work has been purchased and on exhibit at the Montclair Art Museum, Upper Montclair, NJ; Van Vleck Gardens & Estate, Upper Montclair, NJ; Westchester Premier Theater, White Plains, NY; Physicians Against Hunger, Animal Haven Shelter, New York, NY; PETA; Broadway Barks, New York, NY; March of Dimes and the Happy Dog Gallery in Piermont, NY.

In addition to decorative and collector’s purposes, her work is also purchased for advertising, promotion and PR. Her photography missions have taken her throughout all the regions of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Ireland and United Kingdom.

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